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What is Dog Training?

The huge misconception dog owners have about dog training or hiring a dog trainer is by the end of the sessions the dog is trained!

In addition to teaching a dog a particular behavior, a good dog trainer explains how to practice, how to make it better, how to use it and how to make it stick forever!

Anyone with You Tube and piece of chicken can teach a dog to sit or lay down! What they don't teach is what to do with it! They don't know YOUR dog's character or temperament. They don't teach you how to practice on a daily basis without really interrupting your schedule and they don't apply your dog's learned behavior to every day distractions!

What exactly is a trained dog?

A dog that clearly understands what you are commanding and obeys regardless of the distractions. The dog is happy to obey and knows it will be rewarded for doing so. It also knows that there is no negotiation when a command is given.

Imagine having the confidence that your dog will never run away from you off the leash, never bolt out the door then its opened and always obey the command you give it!

Is this the dog you want?

Then get excited to learn, teach, practice with your dog every day and enjoy all the benefits for the rest of the dog's life!

If you would like to discuss this article and more, give us a call at 845 521 5735 and let's get started!


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