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For over 30 years, our CEO Frank D'Andrea has helped Dog owners achieve meaningful results that really stick.

Frank’s experience working with dogs began in 1988 soon after his first Doberman. He worked weekly with professional trainer Dom LaBrutto in New Jersey. This turned into a neighborhood “club” where Frank worked with other dogs of friends and more.


Frank graduated from the New York dog training school and continues to participate in major seminars and workshops for dog training.

Frank founded D’Andrea Professional Dog Training in 2004. DP Dog Training grew over the years due to effective training techniques that helped spread the word throughout Rockland and Bergen Counties. In 2011, Frank expanded his training company into a one-stop source for dog services which now includes  under the ground fence installations and repair in Ramapo, NY.


Frank has helped both volunteers and dogs with his work with the Butler and Kinnelon NJ animal shelters. He has volunteered his “Living with your Dog” workshop and has run a “Doggie Boot Camp” in Suffern NY for over 10 years!


Frank's passion for dogs helps him maintain the drive to educate himself, community shelter managers, foster homes and local towns as well as dog owners and enthusiasts.

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