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My Two Commandments

There are so many opinions, methods, programs to get your dog “trained” and frankly it really doesn’t matter how your goals are met as long as you’re fair to the dog and teach clarity by initiating a solid foundation.

Patience, repetition, consistency and reward are the principles of teaching. Making a game of it and utilizing the commands throughout the day in and outside.

All dogs need the basic staples in order to in the very least manage a situation. Sit-stay, Down-stay and heel. With these 3 commands all dogs will be excellent in and out of the house. Temperament, age, sex, intact or fixed doesn’t matter.When commands are taught they are non-negotiable.

After your dog has a clear understanding of your basics, just follow the 2 commandments and your dog will shine in any and all situations.

1st Commandment:

When you give your dog the command, it MUST do it!

2nd Commandment:

The dog cannot get out of the command until released!

Yes, it’s truly that simple! Think about what you can manage by your dog obeying. Endless situations and the end of useless yelling! Try it,. it works.

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