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Expert Obedience Training for Puppies and Dogs

Training a dog is much more than just teaching commands. It’s about everyday living with your dog. It’s about having a relationship with your dog. It’s about creating good habits and preventing bad habits. 

It’s about having the confidence in your dog to perform when you need it most!


Our lessons are very simple; we create a customized program around your specific goals. 


Each dog is different, each family is different. Whether a brand new puppy or an adult dog needing behavior modification, our expertise working with all breeds gives us the knowledge to create a program that delivers results.

Private Training at your Home or my place.

Private is the first step. We teach the dog commands without the distractions of a group for faster and clearer results. Distractions come soon after so they can learn how to be obedient in all situations.

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If Activities like Hiking, Camping, and general Off-Leash walks are of interest, then E-Collar training is definitely for you!

Learn how to use the collar correctly for quick and clear results.

Why our Training Philosophy Works

We teach dogs to have a clear understanding of commands. We always look to be proactive instead of reactive by putting your dog in a favorable position rather than a reactive one which causes negative impulse like yelling.

 We don't allow them to make choices and most importantly, we teach the owners how to properly work with their dogs in a fair manner to assure bonding and obedience simultaneously. 

Advanced Group

Group sessions are a perfect way to proof the commands that your dog knows with distractions of other dogs and people around.

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Behavior Modification, Commands, House Training & More

Unwanted behavior issues need to be addressed. Some can become dangerous to themselves as well as the people around. We identify and talk about a course of action. Each dog and family are different. Actions are specific to your home lives.

Free Consultations

We offer a free phone consultation to better understand your issues with your dog.  In most cases we are able to discuss and implement a game plan.

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Foundation Building

Building a solid foundation in any puppy or dog is of  utmost importance in the beginning! I will help with many suggestions, recommendations, and technique. ANYTHING!

This can be done remotely or in person. Of course in person is best.

Understanding your dog’s temperament is a big help in achieving your goals!

We talk about everything from nutrition to grooming.

A solid foundation goes a long way. Minimize mistakes and pitfalls.

All without teaching your dog one command!

Call me about this great program

Therapy Dog Test Prep

We will evaluate your dog and guide you through the therapy dog test so you can bring your dog to institutions, schools etc. and put a smile on someone's face!

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