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Dog Training Expectations

Dog Training Expectations

The results you can expect after having your dog trained shouldn’t be any different than training yourself for competition, keeping in shape, or preparing for a job assignment. It all takes practice! Sure, I can train your dog to understand certain behaviors like sit, down, come etc. but does than mean your dog can be off- leash and come when called, or stay for extended periods after one 45 minute session? Well, the answer is most likely no.

Some expectations I hear can be from “ I want my dog to stay when I open the door” to I want my dog to come when I call it” to “ I don’t want my dog to jump on my guests.” Perfectly common and certainly achievable behaviors when practiced.

Dog-training goals need to be accomplished in steps. Perfecting step one before going to step two. For example, if your dog won’t come on the long leash, he won’t come off the leash! So, we perfect the recall on the leash first, then we progress to dropping the leash, adding distance, maybe a lighter line. Then maybe some random recalls while on the long leash and so on. Staying at the door starts with staying for you in general, then progressing to more distracting situations.

How does the dog owner accomplish his goals? The same way goals are met for any aspect of goal achieving. Practice, repetition, consistency, Realistic goal setting.

Training should include every day situations as well as “formal” practice sessions. Inside sessions as well as outside. After all, training your dog isn’t about showing it off to family and friends. It’s about getting results when you really need them!

Your dog needs to work for you and your family, not just the trainer. There’s only one way that’s going to happen, practice, practice, practice!

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